White Tailed Deer Impact on Northern Forests

If you live near woods and deer, you’ll find this article very interesting and educational. It has pictures of forests or wooded areas and even lawns where deer are having a negative affect.

Here’s an excerpt from the article. “As a natural resource, white-tailed deer are enormously important. With harvests approaching record levels in many States, deer hunters are enjoying unprecedented success. By traditional measures, wildlife managers should be delighted. And yet, the bounty of venison and recreational hunting opportunities all too often comes at a cost—a cost to native ecosystems, a cost borne by woodlot owners, and a cost understood by people old enough to remember when tick-borne diseases were unknown, when crops could be grown without fencing, and when deer-vehicle collisions were rare. Segments of society enjoy benefits of deer aplenty while other segments are left to pay the associated costs”.

Click here for the full article

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