The sugar maple is a native species whose fall colors make it ideal for parks or broad lawns. Shade tolerance allows it to be planted among older trees. It is sensitive to road salt, heat, soil compaction, and drought. Its fall colors range from brilliant yellow to orange to red. The sugar maple is the principle source of maple syrup. It can be used in riparian buffers on streambanks, upper shorelines and upland buffers. Sugar maple is also a valuable timber species. Provides wild turkey and other wildlife habitat.

Speed of Growth:  Slow.
Moisture Requirements:  Moist to dry.
Light Requirements:  Full sun to shade.
Wildlife Benefits:  Enjoyed by deer, songbirds, and other wildlife.
Additional Benefits:  Maple syrup production.
Michigan Native:  Yes.

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5 Seedlings $11.00, 10 Seedlings $18.00, 25 Seedlings $37.00, 50 Seedlings $65.00, 100 Seedlings $115.00


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