An excellent landscape choice in all four seasons. The showy blossoms and attractive fall foliage make flowering dogwood a valuable ornamental species. Leaves turn red-purple in fall and the glossy red fruits attract winter songbirds, wild turkeys other birds and animals. It is commonly used in landscape and street plantings. As a garden tree, it is used for shade around patios, as a shrub border or backdrop species, or as single specimens in the lawn. It is best suited for plantings receiving less than full day sun.  Provides wild turkey and other wildlife habitat.

Speed of Growth:  Very slow.
Moisture Requirements:  Moist to dry.
Light Requirements:  Shade.
Maximum Height: 16 to 33 feet.

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5 Seedlings $11.00, 10 Seedlings $18.00, 25 Seedlings $37.00, 50 Seedlings $65.00, 100 Seedlings $115.00


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