American hazelnut is a deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub that produces edible nuts that are very valuable to wildlife.  American hazelnut also has considerable ornamental value from its showy male catkins (long, narrow cluster of male flowers) and copper-red fall color display.  American hazelnut is a great shrub for difficult dry sites and it can also be used in a hedgerow planting.  American hazelnut will form suckers and can be propagated from cuttings.  Provides wild turkey, deer, and other wildlife with food and habitat.

Speed of Growth:  Fast.
Moisture Requirements:  Moist to dry.
Light Requirements:  Full sun to shade.
Wildlife Benefits:  Nuts are enjoyed by a wide variety of wildlife including turkey, deer, grouse, etc.
Additional Benefits:  Can be used for a hedgerow planting.
Michigan Native:  Yes.

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5 Seedlings $11.00, 10 Seedlings $18.00, 25 Seedlings $37.00, 50 Seedlings $65.00, 100 Seedlings $115.00


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