No-Till Drill Rental

The Allegan Conservation District provides a Truax No-till Drill for rent to all landowners in Allegan County. The intent of the no till drill is for the planting of native warm season grasses, or a combination of native warm and cool season grasses or a combination of native warm season grasses and wildlife food plot seed mixes. The no-till drill has three seed boxes to accomodate the varying sizes of the native grasses and wildlife food seeds.

no till drill
Planting width is 5 feet.

Cost: $145.00 for the first ten acres of planting. $7.00 for each additional acres over the initial ten. Call us to reserve the drill for your planting needs this spring.

Here is an informative video on how to use the Truax No-till Drill.

Please contact us any time for more information on renting the no-till drill at 269.673.6940 extension 5.