Rabbit River Watershed Pay-For-Performance Program

Allegan Conservation District has funds to help farmers implement conservation practices on up to 4,500 acres of land in the Rabbit River Watershed for the purpose of reducing agricultural pollutants flowing into the watershed.

Practices covered through this grant include including cover crop, exclusion fencing, filter strips, mulch-till, and no-till. This program will use a pay-for-performance approach which provides a financial incentive for farmers to achieve measurable improvements in water quality.

Incentives for landowners will include a one-time Priority Area bonus of $500 for land contracted into the program that lies within a high erosion risk area, a one-time Early Adopter bonus of $500 for producers who sign up within the first year of the project and agree to a 3-year contract, and yearly performance payments of $150 per ton of sediment reduced due to the implementation of BMPs.

Landowners can get same-day, on-the-spot estimates of their reimbursement if they implement conservation practices on their croplands.

This project has been funded fully by the U.S. EPA Great Lakes National Program Office – Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Fund (EPA-R5-GL2016-AWM).

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