Flushing bars are easy to install, are effective at forcing wildlife out of the path of the mower, and don't get in the way of production.

The Allegan Conservation District welcomes you to our public project to develop flushing bars for 21st century hay mowers. We hope that by deploying a new generation of these tools on modern mowers we can help reverse the decline of grassland birds and protect wildlife using hay fields for breeding and resting.

The intention of these designs is to create an implement that will be effective at flushing birds and wildlife before the mower gets a too close. For farmers having an implement that is out of the way of the work and requires little maintenance is listed as top priorities. The Flushing Bar Project is in progress and several generation of the bar have already been developed and are being used today.

You can check out our designs, forums, videos and photos by visiting our flushing bar website devoted to this project.

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