Conservation Assistance And Cost Sharing

Conservation Technical Assistance

The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) offers many programs to producers in Allegan County.

Initial Site Visits

When a producer first approaches the USDA Service Center to work with the NRCS on conservation planning or for a specific cost share program an initial site visit is conducted. The initial site visit is used to confirm in part what cost share programs could apply to the property and farm business being considered.

Conservation Planning

Free of any cost to the producer, a conservation plan is a tool to inform the producer ways to best manage the natural resources of the property. A conservation plan is used to protect the environment on and off your farm. During the process a Conservationist meets with the producer to evaluate the soil, water, air, plant and animal resources of your farm. Alternative practices are discussed to better conserve the natural resources of your farm.

Once the conservation plan is complete we can then look at what cost share programs may best be used to help clients achieve the goals of their particular site and production. Here are a few of the practices. To get more information on each practice use the list of links on the left side of the page or use the links below.


Agricultural Chemical Handling Facility
Waste Storage Facility
Filter Strips
Above Ground Fueling Facility
Pest and Nutrient Management Plans
Grassed Waterways
Conservation Tillage
Cover Crops
High Tunnel
Decommissioned well
Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan