Michigan Green Schools


Started in 2006, Michigan Green Schools is a non-profit 501(c)3 agency dedicated to assisting all Michigan schools – public and private – achieve environmental goals which include protecting the air, land, water and animals of our state along with world outreach through good ecological practices and the teaching of educational stewardship of students pre-kindergarten through senior high school.

Schools and their students voluntarily choose to participate in the program which focuses on real-world implementation of environmental programs in the classroom.  Schools receive points for projects such as setting up a school recycling program, implementing a school energy saving program, planting a garden with native Michigan plant species, participating in an Earth Day event, and in many cases being creative and coming up with their own ways to improve and protect their local natural resources.  Schools that earn a minimum of 10 points become a Michigan Green School, receive a signed letter from the Governor recognizing their efforts, and are eligible to display a Michigan Green School flag making the community aware of their efforts.

Each County in Michigan has an assigned contact that teachers and school administrators can reach to discuss the program and how their students can get involved. Teachers, school administrators, students, and others interested in learning more about the program are encouraged to contact Raecale Stull for more information.  Raecale can be contacted by emailing raecalestull@hotmail.com or calling (269) 673-6940 ext 5.  Interested individuals can also learn more by visiting the state website at www.michigangreenschools.us.

kids with project and flag