Cover Crop Demonstration Plot 2013

The 2013 cover crop demonstration plot got some rain last night, looking forward to seeing the plant jump out of the ground. Join the whole ACD crew and special guests for our September 12 open house.

Koops Family Farm, Holland, MI
3677 60th St. Holland, MI (AKA Graafschap Rd, South of Blue Star Highway)

Open House: September 12, 2013 – 9 to 4:30

Drop in when you can throughout the day to visit our special guests and talk cover crops and more.

MSU Extension Cover Crop Specialist Christina Curell will be on hand all day to answer your cover crop questions.
Agrem drainage system designer Jeremy Meiners will tour the new drainage and irrigation system installed on the contour of the land. Jeremy will answer your questions about this unique system.
EAI, LLC of Grand Rapids will demonstrate their Aerial Octocoptor camera system. Aerial UAVs can provide rapid and complete crop scouting of fields in a fraction of the time ground based scouts can do the job. See them 11 AM to 3 PM.
Mark Ludwig will demonstrate the Agren conservation planning software for the Macatawa watershed. This is the first use of this advanced planning system in Michigan.

New this year – Double Crop Demo! What can be planted after wheat for extra income? It’s not just soybeans! The plot is open for self-guided tours during daylight hours. Stop by with a shovel and dig for your answers!

The planting details: Plots were planted 8/15 and 8/16. The field was previously planted to winter wheat for harvest in 2013. After harvest the field was tiled, cattle manure was applied and lightly disked in. Cover crops were drilled with a Truax Flex II 88 no till drill on 7.5 inch rows at about 1/2” depth. Two passes were made to form 10 foot wide beds. The list of plots begins at the South end of the demonstration area (wider end) and proceeds North. Plots were grouped first by species and secondly by vendor.

Blends of species:

Vendor: Best Forage selling “Cover Crop Solutions” brand seeds
1. Indy Mix – Tillage Radish, Tillage Rootmax Annual Rye Grass and CCS Crimson Clover
2. Talladega Mix – Tillage Radish and Fridge Triticale
3. Bristol Mix – Tillage Radish and Tillage Max Annual Rye Grass
4. Homestead Mix – Tillage Radish, Tillage Sunn Hemp and CCS Pearl Millet
5. Daytona Mix – Tillage Radish and CCS Crimson Clover
6. Dover Mix – Tillage Radish and CCS oats

Mixes Continued:

Vendor: Green Valley Agriculture – N-vest blends by Cisco
7. N vest Crimson Coverall – “AU Robin” Crimson Clover and “Groundhog” Radish
8. N Vest Ground Breaker – Austrian winter pea and “Groundhog” Radish
9. N Vest NutriBuilder- Annual Rye Grass, “AU Robin” Crimson Clover and “Groundhog” Radish

Vendor: Byron Seeds

10. Root N Fixer – “KB Royal” Annual Rye Grass and Crimson Clover
11. Soil Builder – “KB Royal” Annual Rye Grass, Hairy Vetch, Crimson Clover, “Tillage” Radish
12. Nitro-green North – Hairy Vetch, Sweet clover, Crimson Clover and “Tillage” Radish
13. Speedy Cover – Oats and Tillage Radish

Annual Rye Grass

14. “KB Royal” – Vendor: Byron Seeds
15. “Tillage Rootmax” – Vendor: Best Forage
16. “Winterhawk” – Vendor: Green Valley Agriculture
17. “Thunder”- Vendor: Desert Sun Marketing

Small Grains

18. Triticale – “336 Trical”, Vendor: Byron Seeds
19. Grain Rye – VNS (Variety Not Stated), Vendor: Byron Seeds Sudan Grass
20. Spelt – VNS, Vendor: Byron Seeds
21. White Oats – “Cayuse”, Vendor: Desert Sun Marketing
22. Black Oats – “Soil Saver”, Vendor: Desert Sun Marketing
23. Barley – “McGregor”, Vendor: Byron Seeds
24. Barley – “Solar”, Vendor: Desert Sun Marketing


25. Sunn Hemp (Crotalaria juncea) – “AU Golden”, Vendor: Desert Sun Marketing
26. Winter Pea – “Trapper”, Vendor: Family Farm and Home
27. Pea – “CSS Winter”, Vendor: Best Forage
28. Crimson Clover – “Dixie”, Vendor: Green Valley Agriculture
29. Red Clover – “Medium Red”, Vendor: De Bryun Seeds


30. Radish – “Sodbuster”, Vendor: Desert Sun Marketing
31. Radish – “DSM Experimental 051 Forage Type”, Vendor: Desert Sun Marketing
32. Radish – “Groundhog”, Vendor: Green Valley Agriculture
33. Radish – “Tillage CSS”, Vendor: Best Forage

Other Forbes

34. Lacy Phycellia (Phacelia tanacetifolia) – VNS, Vendor: Desert Sun Marketing
35. Rape – “Dwarf Essex”, Vendor: Family Farm and Home
36. Turnip – “Purple Top White Globe”, Vendor: Family Farm and Home

Double Crop Options

37. Buckwheat – VNS, Vendor: Piers Feed
38. Sorghum – “Martin”, Vendor: De Bryun Seed
39. Millet – White VNS, Vendor: Family Farm and Home (birdseed department)
40. Sunflower – Stripe VNS, Vendor: Family Farm and Home (birdseed department)
41. Amaranth – Grain type VNS, Vendor: Natures Market
42. Mung Bean (Vigna radiata)- VNS, Vendor: Natures Market
43. Cow Peas – (Vigna unguicilata) – “Iron and Clay”, Vendor: Johnny’s Select Seed
44. Soybeans – “823 LL” Vendor: De Bryan Seed

Vendor Contact Information:

Best Forage
11325 E550S
Hudson, IN 46747
(888) 836-3697

Byron Seed
775 N 350 E Buckwheat Rockville, IN 47872
(877) 995-2490
Michigan Territory Manager – Gerry Davis 517-250-1144 Email:

De Bryun Seed
101 E Washington Ave
Zeeland, MI 49464
(616) 772-2316

Desert Sun Marketing Co. Inc
P.O. Box 50817 Phoenix, AZ 85076
(480) 940-4431

Family Farm and Home Stores
Holland, MI
716 Chicago Dr. Suite 500 Holland, MI 49423 Phone: 616-396-2933
Allegan, MI
1596 Lincoln Road Allegan, MI 49010
(269) 686-9309

Johnny’s Select Seeds
955 Benton Ave
Winslow, ME 04901
(207) 861-3900

Piers Feed
4384 58th St
Holland, MI 49423
(616) 396-2586

Presented by the Allegan Conservation District in cooperation with the Macatawa Area Coordinating Council. Seeds donated by Green Valley Agriculture, Byron Seeds, Desert Sun Marketing, and Best Forage.

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