Allegan Conservation Board of Directors

Nominating petitions for District Director are available now.  Completed petitions are due at the Allegan Conservation District office by Monday, July 27, 2015 by the close of business (4:30 PM EST).  Click this link to download the nominating petition, or stop by the Allegan Conservation District Office to pick up a paper copy.

A Conservation District is a local unit of state government with statutory powers and responsibilities to carry out a program of natural resources conservation and encourage wise land management. As locally elected public officials, District directors are responsible for the operation and management of the Conservation District.  Each board consists of 5 members, elected at a the annual meeting, who serve a 4-year term.

The Allegan Conservation District’s Board Consists of:

Mark Ludwig, Chairman
Mark worked with the Allegan Conservation District through several grants as a Conservationist and Technician. He currently works for FSA, plus runs a hobby farm with his wife Kim.

Carl Collier, Vice Chairman
Carl is a life long resident of Allegan, whose sole career was in farming.  Carl brings local knowledge and farming wisdom to our board.

Lon Koops, Human Resources Liaison
Lon worked for the Natural Resources Conservation Services, in Allegan, as a Civil Engineering Technician prior to his retiring.  He brings knowledge of waterway related concerns to our board.

Kirstin Heft, Director
Kirstin is an Occupational Therapist who’s family owns a farm complete with bees, chickens, cows, and horses.  She is our newest member and brings fresh insight into natural resource concerns.

Jan Chestnut, Treasurer
Jan worked for FSA for many years before retirement.  She owns a horse farm with her husband Harry and they are both on the board of the Allegan County Fair.